Venus in Taurus

The Pleasure Principle:

Definition: instinctive drive to seek pleasure and avoid pain, expressed by the id as a basic motivating force which reduces psychic tension.

 There is a lovely feel to Venus in Taurus – especially now, under a dreamy Pisces Sun. It is a time where we will want to brush off the ‘tough stuff’ in attempt to squeeze a little more joy out of life.  The pleasure principle is indeed in full effect --although it is not all love ‘n’ roses…

We may find ourselves or others turning on the charm to get what we want or stubbornly hold our ground dishing ultimatums.  Both tactics arise from a need to have control over circumstances. Sometimes either of these approaches can be innocent, fun, flirty, and sometimes flat out ‘bull-headed’ where inflexibility rules the day.  The less mature among us can even resort to pouting, stamping feet.  Needless to say, unnecessary tensions, dramas are likely should we expect more from others than they are willing to give.

Highlights of Venus' travels...

Several days into Venus’ journey through Taurus she swings arm and arm with rebel-minded Uranus suggesting we’ll either 1. break free in a flash from that which does not serve our interests and/or 2. let go of the expectation that the world owes us.

Near the end of the month Venus is supported by Pluto & Jupiter allowing for bold yet practical moves that can change our outlook significantly (for the better) and/or illuminate a deeper truth that can have far reaching effects in terms of our perspective on life.  Pluto & Jupiter will be joined together, operating as one powerful force and Venus is actually just in for the ride.  And so while we will experience interesting developments individually on matters near and dear the heart this influence is also likely have a noticeable effect collectively- especially in regard to the economy & big business.

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