VIRGO March 2020

VIRGO & Virgo Rising

MARCH 2020

Mercury retrograde phases affect you more than most Virgo BUT it can be an extremely useful time to clear the decks and reset.  As Mercury recovers the last few degrees of Aquarius between March 4th – and 16th then, indeed you will be in reset mode.  Your sights seem set on stream lining your schedule – at work, in regard to health.  Whatever the case the goal is to set up a program that will make you more efficient in the long term.  Setting healthy boundaries will also be important if you are in a position of supporting someone else (mentally, physically, emotionally).  Perhaps you have, in a way, lost yourself in one particular relationship/commitment and that has created an imbalance in your everyday routine.   That said, while Mercury remains in Aquarius, you’ll have the chance to step back and view the situation more objectively as you make the necessary adjustments.

Also, on March 4th, Venus returns to her natural home in fellow earth sign Taurus.  Travel, education, & legal dealings are highlighted for the entire month of March.  If you have had headaches in these areas all will run smoothly – especially during the second half of the month.  In fact, whatever you have been working towards is likely to turn out better than expected.  And so, be prepared to massage that jaw as you may suffer from having a perma-grin plastered on your face while Venus is in Taurus this month.

Over the second week of March your love life shines.  Whether you are single or attached inspiring moments abound – taking you by surprise.  The Sun meets up with dreamy Neptune in your relationship zone AND love planet Venus is electrified next to Uranus on the 8th.  It is never easy to predict just what will happen with Uranus & Neptune involved. One thing is for sure though a ‘too good to be true’ vibe springs up out of seemingly nowhere.  Think back to intentions set or happenings around the New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd.  Are you getting what you wished for?  Consider that even if you hadn’t consciously set out an intention part of you was hoping this would happen.

A Full Moon in your sign just a day later, on the 9th is supported by the life-giving rays of Jupiter. Love is once again the central focus.  If you have kids, are engaged in a creative venture or have been working hard to bring more fun and freedom into your life this Moon will find you simply glowing.  It may be helpful to think back to Aug.30th, 2019.  An intentional path was set (consciously or unconsciously) under the New Moon in Virgo. This Full Moon will show signs that developments have been made since then or bring you to satisfying point of completion.

More good news! Mercury, your ruling planet, stations direct on March 9th! If you have felt that your schedule has been topsy turvy, suffered delays, too many little annoyances were mounting, or weren’t able to stick to a new routine you will be on your way out of that rut.  It will take some time for Mercury to wake up.  However, from March 9th onward you will see improvements, thinking will be clearer and the ability to stick-to-it naturally increases.

Additionally, new opportunities, doorways to other possibilities will open especially between the 11th and 14th as Neptune, Jupiter & Pluto works in harmony with Mars and the Sun respectively.   At the risk of sounding like a broken record these dates are also exceptional for love and relationships.  For the astrologically saavy Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Mars are active in your house of true love.  The Sun, (Mercury soon), and Neptune are active in your serious commitment/marriage sector AND love planet Venus is receiving an extra dose of inspiration from Uranus!  There is a good chance you haven’t felt this strong a love vibe in your chart for ages.  AND it seems to be coming through in a way you’ve never felt before.

On top of that Saturn shifts into Aquarius which will ensure that this is for the long term. However, between March 21stand July 3rd foundational aspects of your relationship (or work-related commitment/ partnership) are likely to undergo a few changes.  Saturn moves slowly and won’t settle into Aquarius until the end of 2020.  This suggests that what is built, so to speak, won’t be in full effect until 2021.  At that point it will set the stage for how you structure your life right up until 2023.

Carrying on, a New Moon in Aries on the 23rd may present a few challenges.  If you have been experiencing pressure around finances (debts, taxes, joint funds, inheritances etc.) it will be important to deal with these issues head on.  Remember the beginning of a lunar cycle is always a great time to set intentions.  And so, if you are serious about clearing up financial matters that have been causing stress now would be the time to clarify your goals.

The month wraps up with Mars’ arrival in Aquarius.  The cosmic influences are behind you at work and in health-related endeavors.  Energizer Mars will lend just the boost you need to march ahead with confidence about what the future holds.

Early next month Venus moves into Gemini where it will remain for an extra-long stay.  You will be busy in April Virgo and receiving plenty of position attention on the career front.  Jupiter & Pluto also unite echoing a similar sentiment as they are prepped to flood you with creative inspiration AND feel good vibes all around.

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