Weekly Horoscope-Dec.19, 2021


Dec.20-28th, 2021 Weekly Overview ALL SIGNS

There is a lot to say about Sunday – and it’s all happening under a waning MOON in CANCER. Family matters are amplified across the collective. Emotional waves will flow well into Wednesday. This growing need to feel safe, secure, good in our own skin – may be of benefit with our relationships, BUT we are contending with other forces.

Apologies for the Astro jargon here, I can’t get away without laying it down…VENUS stations RETROGRADE alongside PLUTO, the Intensifier, the Reality-bites-Truth Monger. These two joined at the hip on Dec.17th (within a one-degree orb). They will grow closer still, in a second exact conjunction on Christmas Day. (the last time was on Dec.11th ). They will be due for a third exact conjunction on March 3rd( a huge day astrologically). For now, it is enough to know VENUS and PLUTO will swing arm and arm until December 28th (when JUPITER moves into PISCES).

What does that mean? Choices. Tough choices and a long period of serious re-evaluation is upon us. Venus doesn’t move forward again until January 29th. However, she’ll still have to find her way back to degree she stands now. So, we are tasked to first go over the decisions we’ve been making since November 18th. Then, on January 29th, once we’ve refined how we will approach the New Year, we’ll get to work on the execution.

BUT (yes, another there’s another catch) Mercury will be retrograde in mid-January. So it’s not an easy road. Life probably won’t go according to plan – at least the plan you have in mind right this very moment. On the bright side we’ll have the entire month of January to deliberate the next phase, so to speak. On February 3rd all planets will be direct. Between now then we’re at the drawing board, figuring and re-figuring.

Also on Sunday, CHIRON stations DIRECT in ARIES where our warrior spirits will awaken. Here we are bound to try and bury what we can’t stand about ourselves – our fears, insecurities etc. It won’t actually work though. Rather, it seems to linger, a weight that holds us down, that we lug with us onto the battlefield. We may believe we can push through despite it all- latching onto the fiery tail of MARS in hopes of escaping ourselves. If we go fast enough, far enough, maybe we’ll feel lighter. If we become fire-breathing dragons dousing others with our anger maybe we won’t have to suffer the flames ourselves. Maybe we’ll be thinking ‘I am better than this, bigger than this’. On a normal day, at any another time, I’d agree. We are better than this. We can rise above it all. BUT there are conditions. We just can’ get away with ignoring our conscience now.

To those ends we will know, one way or the another if we can tune into the proverbial little voice, nagging at our innards. PLUTO doesn’t mess around. It’s a force that will shake us by the shoulders insisting we heed the inner call over the coming weeks. We simply cannot escape the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, as the saying goes. That includes the stuff we’ve tucked away in the caves of our deeper core for what can seem like forever. In short, PLUTO & VENUS together are a serious duo in CAPRICORN. ‘They’ demand a reckoning to whatever it is we harbour, that makes us cringe at the mere thought. And that’s the weight in our belly, the bits we need to digest, transmute, to make it through.

If we are painfully honest with ourselves then, if we can, in fact, allow our conscience to guide we may just get in, out, and through this battlefield unscathed. The meeting of PLUTO and VENUS leaves us no choice. We’re in this. We have to find a way through. The getting out, on the other hand is up to us. It depends on whether we are able to face these forces, and in doing so learn how to navigate the darker spaces of our reality.

And so, Sunday is where it all starts. Sunday is where we take our lead in preparation for 2022. Aside from VENUS and CHIRON we also have the third SATURN-URANUS square on Christmas Eve. Here’s the gist of Saturn & Uranus, the configuration that has characterized much of what we’ve been dealing with in 2021:

Saturn, in Aquarius represents our sense of authority, the current structures that society relies on to function-especially with respect to communication and technology. Personally understood it’s how ‘we the people’ engage with one another, within our communities, the collective, to which we belong. The art of managing this influence well is finding comfortable footing where we accept responsibility for ourselves as individuals AND are mindful of what it means to be a responsible member of society. Sound familiar? It should by now – the whole world has been talking about the responsibility of individuals for the sake of the community. Saturn will continue to broadcast this message clear through 2022 and the first few months of 2023.

That alone is a tough lesson to learn. Adding insult to injury in a way, Uranus has been poking and prodding us to do better this year. It will continue to do so into 2022.

Uranus sends across an an entirely different kind of vibration. It shocks, disrupts, destabilizes the status quo. It is the rebel rouser, the unpredictable twists and turns that keep us on our toes. It’s as if we are wearing metal boots in a lightning storm. Everyone hopping around doing some kind awkward chicken dance. And with Uranus in Taurus that means our finances, the stock market, what we own, what we want, what makes us feel secure, our relationships, our creature comforts – all housed under a lousy street-bought umbrella -the kind with weak metal frames.

These two giants at odds, in a tense square? It’s a battle between order and chaos. A war within and without. It’s a breakdown in the midst of any sane attempt to build up. Ha. Build back better? In this weather?

On Christmas Eve, we’ll see this worst of this storm and it will remain in effect for January and most of February. It dies down after that, but draws to another peak point of tension between September and October of 2022. They won’t be in an exact square in 2022 however – but close enough to suggest it will be a while before we can really settle.

Next week Jupiter moves into Pisces which is great news. Venus begins a new cycle with an inferior conjunction to the Sun and meets with Mercury as it enters its pre-retrograde shadow. Happy Holidays?

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