Weekly Horoscopes: Jan.2-9,2021



Weekly Overview
January 2nd to 9th, 2022 

We have a great start to the week and into 2022. Sure, it’s slow. It’s that time of year. The entire month of January flows like molasses in winter yet…

There is a brightness, a fizzy feel to New Year’s Day. The SUN trines URANUS adding just the right tough of inspiration, like a dab of brilliant colour to a grey landscape. And while we can’t dismiss the overriding serious tone, with so many planets in Capricorn, we may catch a whiff of something in the air to perk us up a bit.

The NEW MOON, in Capricorn on January 2nd adds to this revival of spirits. And it is a revival. The emphasis is on honouring what we already have. Each and every one of us has inner resources and talents that may have been hidden away, lying dormant. It is time to wake that part of ourselves up and bring it out into the light. Venus is still in retrograde after-all and it seems her mission to recover and renew what is of true value within.

On the same day MERCURY enters AQUARIUS. It’s like a breath of fresh air angled well to the NODES. Our minds are clear & there is no shortage of ideas for what we hope to unfold over the year.

Aside from Mercury and the New Moon a few other notables for this week…

On WEDNESDAY, VENUS sextiles NEPTUNE for the second time. This is a well-wishing aspect. It reminds us of our creative potentials- of all that could be. The first sextile was on Nov.30th. But Neptune was retrograde. This time it’s Venus who is a bit sluggish. Still, both planets will be DIRECT and in sextile on FEBRUARY 24th. So, in the meantime while we are graced with a touch of inspirational light we may not see how ‘this’ might work for us at the moment. It would be wise to tuck any ideas in your pocket for now. Described in another way, it seems we are in a process of dusting off long lost gems within and are moved to consolidate, take inventory of what we can manage to uncover this month.

MERCURY is already in its pre-retrograde shadow as well – soon to station on January 14th so there is no point in rushing anything. It won’t be until February 3rd when all planets motion DIRECT – when the universe gives us the official ‘green light’.

The last big deal of the week is on SATURDAY January 8thVENUS begins a NEW CYCLE with an inferior conjunction to the Sun. She will now lead our days as the MORNING STAR. It won’t be until Oct.22,2022 when she meets the Sun again at 29 Libra in a superior conjunction. (*NEXT VENUS cycle begins @20° Leo on Aug.23rd, 2023.)

VENUS so close to the SUN is ‘burnt out’. She won’t be visible again until the 15th of January. Some say Venus is weaker during this time. I am of the mind that our true desires, what we want, our purpose is clarified at this time. However, it isn’t likely we will be able to articulate just what that is exactly. It is more like we are fostering a silent inner knowing. There is ‘something’ there but we will have to draw it out with care.

That said, VENUS will be BRIGHTEST on MARCH 6th. Between now and then she will have passed on a message from her meeting with the Sun. In effect, our inner knowing our heart’s desire unfolds much like a flower bud beginning to blossom with the morning sun.

Under this New Moon and clear through January ‘the work’ is about tending the seeds of our potentials.


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