Weekly Horoscopes- Jan.9-16th, 2022


Weekly Overview
January 2nd to 9th, 2022 

Three planetary happenings shape the bulk of this second week of 2022…

On SUNDAY the closing square between MARS & NEPTUNE gives off a strange energy. It can feel as though we are in the midst of an inhale. Heart full of hope, cheeks full of air, there we hover ready to make that wish and blow out the candles.

But what if you aren’t sure yet? We can’t hold our breath forever. And so, it seems we may have to trust that a silent, inarticulate wish is as good as any other. Then again, maybe we do know and can clarify our dreams. In either case, between SUNDAY and THURSDAY we are likely to drift in and out of this wish making space.

As MERCURY stations RETROGRADE on FRIDAY even if we are clear on 1.what we want and 2.have a set a strategy for how to get ‘there’ we will probably find ourselves re-thinking, re-arranging and in some cases re-doing ‘the plan’ altogether.

On top of that we can expect the normal Mercury retrograde snafus - delays, miscommunications, trouble with mechanical/ electronic items. This back-tracking will go on at least until February 3rd. However, MERCURY won’t be out of POST-SHADOW until February 24th.

I like to think of this Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to clean up, refine our ideas. It’s so easy to fool ourselves into thinking we really want something yet are dissatisfied once we have it in our hands, so to speak.

MERCURY’S return to CAPRICORN on January 25th is a key feature of this retrograde. The long game is stressed. It’s what we what our lives to look like in long-term not just in the immediate. And that takes time and effort over a longer period. For instance, if you want to be a homeowner making the decision is one thing but working your way up to it is the more important piece. Once you have though, it’s a move that holds for quite a while.

The same can be said about career choices. First there’s the schooling, the experience and then the long climb up the ladder. These bigger things don’t happen overnight. That said, we want to make sure we have chosen the right path for ourselves AND it is truly something we want to pursue.

Lastly, on SUNDAY Jan.16th the SUN joins PLUTO – a conjunction that happens once every year. Returning to the making and wish and blowing out the candles, analogy…. Even if you can’t articulate exactly what you want your heart knows. The Sun is the heart, our will, our purpose. And Pluto is the no nonsense depth diver.


Sometimes we know something so well, so deep in our hearts words hardly seem necessary. In short, I suspect we’ve already made our wish whether we know it our not. All we need now is to be become more and more conscious of what’s been there, within us all along.

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