December 1st to 13th  -- 2023

During the first half of the month clarity returns, somewhat.

The last weeks of November, under a strong Sagittarian influence, seemed to stir a strange inner conflict.  On one hand there was an eagerness, restlessness to do something – to move forward and fast.  Excessive focus on what’s next? what could be, should be, probably left us disoriented.  Still, some brilliant ideas, necessary shifts in perspective were to be had.

Mercury, which squared Neptune (responsible for the disorienting effect) steps into Capricorn on December 1st.  Our minds can settle.  We can get back to business, our heads back in the game of  ‘real life’.  While Mercury does officially retrograde on December 12th it’s already in the zone, in ‘pre-retrograde’ shadow (as of Nov.25th) real life can feel like a drag.

But, it can still be considered a blessing, tempering an excessive need to blast full speed ahead into anything questionable.  Mercury takes its time, thinks things through, makes sensible ‘plans’ in Capricorn.  We tend to be more cautious.  And it's always wise to be a little more cautious during a Mercury retrograde.

Venus too, while in a hard angle to Pluto on Dec.3 tends to be useful in cutting through the nitty gritty instead of overindulging in less-than-practical ideals.

The following day Venus moves into Scorpio (Dec.4). It kicks off a few weeks of boosting our determination, making us more capable of weathering the storm. In fact, if we  want something bad enough it will be tough just to shake it off.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 12th has mostly positive vibes.  Jupiter (aka ‘the guiding light’) is held in trine with a stationary Mercury.  That can lift our spirits even if it isn’t all coming together yet.  To be honest, it probably won't come together in the way we want just yet.  But, as I’ve implied, there is planetary support. Take advantage and ‘work it’ to the best of your ability for now.

Lastly, at the time of the New Moon faster moving celestial bodies in Sagittarius:  the Sun, Moon, and Mars, prepare to square Neptune.  We could be a little spacey, harbour unrealistic expectations. In turn that can lead to disappointments, deflate our spirits or see us wasting energy.

Saturn, in Pisces along with Neptune, demands our patience, our discipline and a strong sense of faith.  We have all that - we just have to truly ‘own it’.  Saturn will get the message home as it remains in Pisces for the entirety of 2024 and into 2025.

Nov.27:    FULL MOON in GEMINI

Nov.27:    Mercury square NEPTUNE RX


Dec.1:      Mercury in CAPRICORN

Dec.3:      Venus square PLUTO

Dec.4:      Venus in SCORPIO

Dec.5:      Venus trine SATURN

Dec.6       Neptune DIRECT

Dec.9:      Venus opposite JUPITER


Dec.13:    Mercury RETROGRADE

Dec.16:    Sun square NEPTUNE

Dec.21:    Venus opposite URANUS

Dec.21:    Sun in CAPRICORN

Dec.22:    Sun conjunct Mercury RX

Dec.23:    Mercury RX re-enters SAGITTARIUS

Dec.26:    FULL MOON in CANCER

Dec.26:    Chiron DIRECT

Dec.27:    Mercury RX square NEPTUNE

Dec.27:    Sun trine JUPITER RX

Dec.27:    Mercury RX conjunct Mars

Dec.28:    Mars square NEPTUNE

Dec.29:    Venus sextile PLUTO

Dec.29:    Venus in SAGITTARIUS

Dec.30:     Jupiter DIRECT

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