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Soo I had an esspecially weird week after a couple of months of post trauma work on myself and I was kind of at a loss as to where to find an answer for the shift that had occurred and for some upcoming changes I am seeking and I thought of my friend Marie who is a psychic/empth/reader of the stars/child of the universe and so many other things and asked if she had any reasons for the difference I was feeling and she offered me a reading and honestly immediately after the conversation I had with her I've never felt so certain that I'm on the right trajectory as much as I do today, I feel like I have clarity and can really see my next couple steps that I need to make in my life. Thank you so much Marie, I'm so lucky to have crossed your path.

So many things fall in place and became understandable.
I enjoyed my time with Marie.
Thank you very much for your knowledge and heart. 💓

I would highly recommend Marie she was very accurate and a beautiful person. I could have stayed all day!!!

I had both a child's report and a personal report done. I was blown away, not only by the accuracy but by the fact that actual examples of how the factors come into play are used.
Marie is truly gifted and an intuitive astrologer with the experience to back up her readings. I highly recommend her services.

OMG...a friend told me about these. If you have children these reports are awesome!
(re: Children's Profile Report)

Marie was amazing! Very accurate read. I would have like to spend hours with her! Thank you!

She hit everything. I am very satisfied. I would definitely recommend

OMG! This is what I was looking for – I love the science of it. Marie was so amazing – so so accurate! I’ll be back!

She knows her natal chart stuff – a pleasure to speak with someone so well informed! Helps me do what I came here to do. Magical!

Wow! What an intricate and accurate reading! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. Safe travels and we will be in touch! June 2019