A little bit about me & what I do...

Astrology is the love of my life. I’ve been in professional practice since 2011. It isn’t just a job or career path with a finite end. There is too much to explore in the field of Astrology -- and it is evolving at lightning speed.

In a nut shell this awe-inspiring observational tool has grown in sophistication from the first moment our ancestors looked up to the starry heavens-- what does this all mean, who are we, what are we doing here?

So, while we flail about, trying to get a grip on what the heck happened, what is happening, and struggle to find a clue as to where on earth we are headed, the practice of Astrology has never been more useful. And I have never been more grateful for being able to continue working in a profession I love.

Aside from earning formal credibility as an Astrologer, I hold a B.A. in Art History, an M.A. in Art Therapy I have worked as a psychic reader for several decades. In fact, before specializing in Astrology my readings were conducted using palmistry and tarot as tools to guide psychic impressions. I still employ psychic impressions (clairvoyant, clairsentient & clairaudient in nature) as it serves to compliment the work I do as an Astrologer.

Reading style ....

In preparing for our session, I investigate your Natal Chart (how the planets are arranged at birth), identify the most significant transits affecting you now, in the past, and into the future.

I am happy to conduct the session using astrological jargon. However, most prefer plain speak as opposed to listing off degrees, angles and such. Astrology really is another language, and one that takes time to develop. It is my task to interpret it for you in manner that hits home.

For those that are astrologically savvy, I use the Tropical Zodiac & Placidus house system (with consideration of whole signs) and take into account your progressed chart in my readings.

Much love to all – we are certainly on wild cosmic ride, aren’t we?! --Marie

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