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Astrology Charts & Analysis

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Personal Astrological PROFILE

Know where your planets are!  Includes NATAL Chart & 15-20+ pages of detailed information specific to your birth day, time & place.(Exact time of birth is not necessary but it does make for a more accurate analysis).

$20.00 CDN


A detailed analysis of how you and that special someone match up.  Includes COMPATIBILITY Chart & 15-20+ pages of insightful information to pour over.            

$35.00 CDN

BIRTHDAY Year Ahead..

A lengthy, detailed breakdown of what you can expect between Birthday to Birthday.  Includes 15-20+ pages of insightful information and a SOLAR RETURN Chart.   

$20.00 CDN


Parenting is a tough job.  Astrology is an invaluable tool to help further nurture your little one -working with their natural tendencies and inspiring parents to build positive and constructive strategies. Includes 15-20 + pages + Natal Chart of insightful information.

$15.00 CDN

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