Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn teaches the virtues of time and patience wherever it happens to be in the zodiac.   As traditional ruler of both Capricorn AND Aquarius, how we have spent our time and our willingness to correct our course if we have veered too far from our moral centre is/ has been ‘the’ challenge.

While Saturn crosses into Aquarius however, greater focus will be on the future – where we want see ourselves as individuals and collectively.  This may seem a normal theme in our everyday existence, most are always thinking about what they want, need, expect from the future.  However, Saturn’s influence brings added weight to these matters.  It is not one for fantasy. Lofty goals  are are calculated with a rational mind, respect to discipline, hard work and adherence to moral codes birthed from our core sense of being.  In other words, positive, profound results can be obtained – the kind that can restructure life for the better and for the long haul.  It just can’t be done easily or without acknowledgement of truths, even those we have, perhaps conveniently, ignored.

Aquarius governs the mind, communications, community, technology, social media, science, invention, progress, humanitarian efforts and speaks of authority, the power of many AND the power of the individual.  And so, new laws, limits, restrictions concerning the internet, freedom of speech, organized groups etc.  are likely to be hot topics.

Also, as Uranus, Aquarius’ modern ruler, is currently housed in Taurus (also a ‘fixed’ sign) a more developed understanding about the effects of social media may emerge.  While, it has been a topic of debate since it began, more time has passed and so more evidence can be gleaned about its impact on the individual and society.  Remember Saturn encourages building on hard realities like it or not.

Is social media actually increasing our social awareness, ability to connect/communicate with others from an ultimately truthful perspective?   As individuals are we not limiting ourselves when so much effort is made to control how we are seen? Are we not already fed streams of information that are themselves controlled and strictly monitored?  In both cases is this not how we now construct our perspective of the world? If it is not based on basic truths what are we working towards achieving exactly? These are all questions that are likely to come up with Saturn in Aquarius and, whether or not we like the answers it is unlikely we will be able to avoid them.

Saturn will only make a brief visit to Aquarius, returning to Capricorn on July 1st.  However, on December 17th 2020 it will re-enter Aquarius to stay until March 2023.

Between March 21st and the onset of summer then, there may be a difficult adjustment period. In essence we will be in a process of re-aligning ourselves with universal truths that exist within all of us for the betterment of ourselves AND the collective.  Our actions, behaviors, laws we follow, work we do on the material plane, while Saturn is in Aquarius (and Capricorn) is the way to manifesting a future on the stable of grounds of truth.

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