Covid-19- Part II – May/JUNE 2020


COVID-19 effects..

Again, my intention is to stick with basic energies in play for each month (covering a few months at a time) providing a simple guide from now into 2021 and with special focus on the effects of COVID-19.  What is included is by no means exhaustive. There are many energy patterns expressing themselves.  On top of that we each experience these patterns differently as we ourselves are a unique energy pattern that operates in its own right based on planetary arrangements at our time & place of birth.  What is listed are transits, the way the planets move and interact at the current time.   

I thought the inclusion of key words for the planets would provide a helpful framework to further understand ourselves outside the perspective we have come to know and rely on – the old norm.  In short, the same energies that manifest what we are seeing on the collective front also express themselves on a personal level in an infinite variety of ways.  Yet, the same basic influences do reveal an overarching theme. 



Over the second half of May several planets entered retrograde phases.  Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Venus will be slowing their roll.  Moving forward will be difficult.  These planets will not support a desire to push ahead. Mercury & Neptune follow suit entering a retrograde phase in June.  The feeling we are at an eerie standstill point AND the need to consider what we have done during the first half of 2020 will weigh heavily.  This summer we will be taking life more seriously than we ever have.

Aside from so many planets in retrograde, eclipse season approaches in June and July.  Our lives will indeed be shifted in a new direction yet, there is little we can do this summer to move ahead with grace.  The key will be to revisit plan/intentions set at the beginning of 2020 to make extensive revisions under these new circumstances.  In many cases wiping the slate clean will be warranted.  If you knew you weren’t where you wanted to be at the beginning of 2020, then, that in itself can help inform future designs.

Plainly stated, the tail end of spring and over the summer months energy is best used in preparation.  It is worth emphasizing that hanging onto the idea that anything can progress easily or with speed is not likely to work in our favour.  That doesn’t mean working towards these newly revised goals will be in vain.  In fact, much of what we can accomplish by way of preparation will make a huge difference for the last quarter of the year and into 2021.

That said, at the end of June, Mars, planet of action and haste, will be moving forward in Warrior Aries.  We have the drive, the energy to make bold moves (especially moving into July).  In what direction that energy is used however is of utmost concern.  In clearer terms despite a passion-filled urge to move forward while so many planets are in a retrograde we are likely to encounter many moments of frustration. As already implied, wasting our energy on a misguided sense of purpose will compound the issue. And so, this can lead to aggressive behaviors in our personal lives AND create a war like atmosphere in many areas across the globe.

…Continuing from Part I of the COVID series…

MARS in PISCES --MAY 13th to June 28th, 2020

MARS = Direct, physical body, pushy, active/action, forceful, impulsive, abrupt, motivation, warrior spirit, courage, passion, FIRE

PISCES = Key phrase “I believe”, WATER, Idealistic, Dreamy, Mystical, Imaginative, Deceptive, Art/Music, Compassion, High Morals, Religious, weak boundaries, emotional, changeable, compassion, Mutable (flexible, changeable)

Excerpt from May 2020 Forecast (covers planetary aspects of May in more detail):

…Our engagement with seemingly external matters is likely to change while Mars is in Pisces.  We may be more suspicious, feel compelled to keep our motivations to ourselves - to hide out, feel less motivated to do what we’ve done before.

Mars denotes physicality. As it swims through the realm of Pisces, in essence our boundaries are dissolved.  There is less protection between us and the pain of the world. It’s hard to imagine we won’t be feeling ‘it’ in our bones.  The realm of Pisces (and Neptune), is associated with a deep sense of compassion AND propels escapist tendencies for this very reason.

While Mars is in Pisces there is somewhat of a cosmic mandate to slow us down – easier to accomplish if it feels as though we are carrying the world on our shoulders.  If our old selves truly want to recover a life built on the less-than-kind basis of old norms the weight may prove unbearable.  In short the motivation, the drive to return to what was familiar won’t be there (until Mars leaves Pisces at the end of June).  Needless to say the attitude of Pisces is in conflict with the ‘go getter’ function of Mars.   And so, it may indeed seem far easier to drop ‘it ‘in favour of pursuing the kind of life that promises to lighten burdens of our soul. BUT, that too will take effort – wishful thinking, the hope we can ease ourselves through this transition won’t work.  Adding to that our minds (Mercury in Gemini) are likely spin endlessly looking for a way out of ‘this’.

Mars in Pisces all the while will work to knock our head out of the game placing the urgings of our soul firmly in the driver’s seat.  It can be an exceedingly uncomfortable position for some.  Have you ever had a dream where someone else was driving the car and no matter how much you wanted to take the wheel something in you knew you’d be worse off?  It’ll probably be a good idea to take it easy on ourselves for the next few months as we continue to get in touch with and learn to trust parts of ourselves we have never seen…

It is interesting to note that during the Spanish Flu in September of 1918 Mars was in Scorpio.  Chiron was in Aries (theme of war, courage).  Pluto and Jupiter were side by side (transformation, death/rebirth processes and expansion).  In mid-May, we have a similar arrangement.  Although, Mars is in another water sign – Pisces.  Of all the water signs Pisces is the only one without a ‘shell’ or defense. The Scorpion and the Crab have hard shells.

Also, while Mars in Pisces does not speak of ‘war’ once it moves on into Aries (the sign of the warrior) in late June it makes me wonder.  If our soul is not on board, we are not conscious of its existence, confidence in ability to guide us in the ‘right’ direction by then where will the source of our passion come from in the fight for a better life?  Mars operate with extra force when it moves into Aries – it’s location for rest of 2020 so this is a major influence. It’s tour through Pisces seems to be working to condition us for quite the battle ahead.

It may be safest to say whatever we feel in our bones, so to speak, for the duration of Mars in Pisces (May 13th to June 28th) will contribute to the driving force that motivates us for the remainder of 2020.  That begs the question just what kind of ‘war’ are we dealing with here? And will our strength of heart, inner being be up for the challenge?


JUNE 2020


SAGITTARIUS= phrase ‘I see,’ Fire, impatience, understanding, philosophy, experience, optimism, Mutable (flexible, changeable)

GEMINI = phrase: “I communicate”, Air, Independence but also social, subjectivity, information, messages, messenger Mutable (flexible, changeable)

SUN = will, confidence, heart, inspiration to live

MOON= emotions, mood, self-reflection, intuition, habits, food, health, mother, feminine principle.

MARS = Direct, physical body, pushy, active/action, forceful, impulsive, abrupt, warrior spirit, Courage

NEPTUNE=enlightenment, compassion, illusion, illness, mental illness, spirituality, water, morals, boundless, confusing, hypnotic, disorienting, escapism, deceptive

The eclipse on June 5th begins a series of eclipses in the area of the zodiac governed by Sagittarius (I see) and Gemini (I communicate). On this date the Moon allows us to reflect on what we know AND what we ‘see’ intuitively.  As the Moon reflects the light of the Sun in Gemini we will catch wind of new information. This information, can arrive over the air waves, such as through media or by way of messages from our intuitive selves.  That little voice in our heads can indeed provoke aha! moments – where all of a sudden we can connect the dots forming a very different picture.

As a result then, we stand to gain greater confidence (the SUN) in the unfolding of a more complete philosophy of life, a better understanding of our beliefs (Moon in SAGITTARIUS).  If you are a Christian for instance, the words of the bible may hold new meaning.  Virtually any system of belief whose tenets we have lived by can be reawakened, strengthened.

Conversely, an entirely different belief system can begin to evolve and develop around the time of the eclipse.  Jupiter, planet of expansion, higher laws, understanding is governed by Sagittarius – the site of the Full Moon (lunar eclipse).  And so as Jupiter rests in Capricorn (representative of tradition, power structures, leaders, big business, government, authorities) we are looking ‘up’, seeking guidance, on the hunt for the kind of information with potential to inform us clearly on how we build from here.  On a personal level, we are likely to question the powers that be in our lives (including our own power), in relationships, at work, in regard to religious/spiritual figures we follow.

Our questioning is motivated by one of several needs:  1. to double-down in our current faiths eager to prove ‘it’ without a shadow of doubt OR 2. propels an insatiable need to build, solidify a way of governing ourselves in manner we have never known before COVID-19.   Remember, this is just the beginning of this series of Eclipses – a periodic wave of influence that peaks every six months over the next 18 months.

Characteristics of Sagittarian and Gemini archetypes includes an unquenchable desire for freedom, the compulsion to step out of bounds, driven by a curiosity aimed to bring on the next new experience.  And with little patience may I add. That’s a problem as the North Node in Gemini requires gathering the facts, sifting through details BEFORE we embark on synthesizing our conclusions.  This is where our previous beliefs will present as major obstacles.   As faster moving planets have been cruising through Messenger-Gemini recently tough, it has given us some practice in working with this vibe. Still, how easy has it been to discern ‘fact’ from fiction?  Not easy at all from what we are seeing on social media.   Adding to that …

This Lunar eclipse on June 5th will also be influenced by MARS and NEPTUNE (both in PISCES):

MARS = Direct, physical body, pushy, active/action, forceful, impulsive, abrupt, war, warrior spirit, Courage.

NEPTUNE=enlightenment, compassion, illusion, illness, mental illness, spirituality, water, morals, boundless, confusing, hypnotic, disorienting, escapism

PISCES = Key phrase “I believe”, Water, Idealistic, Dreamy, Mystical, Imaginative, Deceptive, Art/Music, Compassion, High Morals, Religious, weak boundaries, changeable, compassion, Mutable (flexible, changeable)

Mars (motivating factor) operates alongside Neptune in Pisces (disorientation) working to throw off our timing.  This pair is associated with illness, a misplaced drive – where we speed into an illusionary landscape full force.  The vibe is one that can be described as if walking through a desert, desperate (Neptune, Pisces) and in a state of mind where all we have is our faith, belief in a higher power. Yet, we can be burdened by our need to believe – so much so that falling into the mere image of fertile oasis (an image that instantly ‘proves’ our prayers have been answered) leads us prey to temptation (Neptune).  Neptunian energies often provoke escapist tendencies.  And herein lies the heart of confusion, disorientation, illusionary aspects around the time of the Eclipse.  We will have felt this influence, well before the eclipse at the end of May (Mars has been in Pisces since May 13th broadcasting a similar vibe).

From my understanding it is possible many more will become ill, physically and perhaps, more notably in social media news feeds (Gemini), as our mental health is questioned.  I feel compelled to express that mental illness is, at least in part, a construct – one that has lost sight of what is an acceptable, normal human reaction.  If you feel lost, depressed, aren’t thinking clearly can that not be considered normal under stressful life circumstances?  Of course that is a matter of my own opinion.  However, at a time like this, I feel it is an appropriate to share.

The powers that be, that have set the structure of which the world operates includes what has become the ever-growing domination of pharmaceutical companies.  At least part of that structure, along with other traditional governmental structures are set to crumble and be rebuilt. The initial breakdown point began with Saturn (structure) and Pluto’s (death/rebirth, power) conjunction in Capricorn (government, big business, tradition) that reached a peak in January 2020.

More specific elements to note - Mars is within 3 degrees of Neptune at the time of the eclipse forming what is known as a mutable cross.  As the term suggests it can be difficult to settle on a ‘fixed’ spot.  The situation and how we view it is malleable, changeable which can add to our frustration and so temptation to fall into illusion.  Put another way each end point of the cross (a sturdy structure whose center point seems all too easy to locate) is in flux, ‘mutable’, open to, considerate of any and all possibilities.  And so any seemingly strong point (terminal of each points of the cross) seems made of a trillion tiny pixels, each a consideration, a worthy part of the point.  There are too many of them!!!  It’s information overload!

On top of that, Neptune will hold its position, stationing in retrograde (seemingly in backward motion) on June 23rd. In this state it can indeed strengthen our faith (despite being in unknown territory) or add to the depth of our illusion. At best we will be exerting a fair amount of energy to maintain balance at the center of a teeter totter that keeps on rocking. In essence we can find ourselves constantly questioning what is real and what isn’t real. In a word it’s exhausting.  (More on Neptune retrograde in a moment)

That is quite a lot to take in, for a single day in June.  And yet, there are a few more astrological events that can be considered along the lines of how COVID-19 unfolds...


MERCURY = Thinking, information, information processing, communication, transportation, mechanical know-how, circuitry, logic, rationale

RETROGRADE PHASE OR ‘RX’ = Planets in retrograde move at a slower speed and appear to move backwards.  They are considered to be lagging in support of progress. Their influence usually operates differently from what we are used to. To work in sync with the function of a planet in retrograde slowing down and focusing on fewer things, wrapping up issues that weren’t dealt with before the planet entered a retrograde phase is necessary.  

CANCER= Key phrase “I feel”, water, food, home, family, base, security, protective, nurturing, moody, feminine principles, emotional/subjective ‘inner world’, Cardinal (leader,initiator)

Mercury stations retrograde on June 18th.  It will have slowed down before this point where we will see plenty of mis-communications.  That has been the ongoing theme around COVID-19 due to other planetary placements.  Mercury retrograde then, exacerbates communication issues.  Transportation/travel, electronical/mechanical mishaps are also likely.  As Mercury spends the entirety of this retrograde phase in Cancer these inconveniences will hinge on domestic/family issues.  Important matters on this front are not likely to be resolved until Mercury regains speed moving forward.   That said, Mercury stations DIRECT on July 12th.  However, it will not recover optimal speed until it is ‘out of shadow’ on JULY 26th. That is, passed the degree it stationed retrograde.

Mercury, the clear-thinking planet, will not be working optimally during the Solar Eclipse following days later and also in the zone of Cancer.  We would be wise not to make major decisions.  Emotionally this can be a difficult time and we are more susceptible to reacting emotionally and subjectively.



CANCER= Key phrase “I feel”, water, food, home, family, base, security, protective, nurturing, feminine principles, emotional/subjective ‘inner world’, Cardinal (leader, Initiator)

SUN= will, confidence, heart, inspiration to live

MOON= emotions, mood, self-reflection, habits, food, health, mother, feminine principle

NORTH NODE – Directional point of collective evolution (moved May 5th into Gemini). The Moon, wherever it happens to be echoes this point – in a way working like sonar to help us gain our bearings on the collective evolutionary path.

GEMINI= Key phrase “I communicate”, Air, Independence but also social, subjectivity, information, messages, messenger, Mutable (flexible/changeable)

Solar Eclipses are the equivalent of a powerful New Moon.  The Sun (our hearts/will) joins forces with the Moon (emotional inner world).  As such this Eclipse can present an opportunity to take initiative, open our hearts to feel out the elements of a new story taking shape.  This can be a problem as we are less likely to be thinking clearly with Mercury retrograding in Cancer at this time AND with so many other planets in a retrograde phase.  It is not as if we can press a button, take and action that will change everything in the immediate.

The North Node of the Moon in Gemini, however, does suggests we can take advantage of the opportunity this Eclipse presents by way of communicating in another manner – based on repairing/reconsidering what has unfolded over the first five months of 2020.  In effect this presents a perfect opportunity to communicate (Gemini) how we feel about our loved ones, family, sense of emotional security, personal safety issues (Cancer) as a result of living through this experience.  In fact, the experiences we have had (namely in our relationships) during the entire series of Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses since 2018 will reach a critical point.  Have we evolved on this front? What have we learned, how have we grown in terms of our relationships?


NEPTUNE= enlightenment, compassion, illusion, spirituality, water, morals, boundless, confusing, hypnotic, disorienting, escapism

PISCES = Key phrase “I believe”, Water, Idealistic, Dreamy, Mystical, Imaginative, Deceptive, Art/Music, Compassion, High Morals, Religious, weak boundaries, changeable, compassion, Mutable (flexible/changeable)

When a planet stations retrograde it holds position on a particular degree for a longer period of time.  In essence it makes a heavier impression upon us.  Considering the key words listed above the easiest interpretation of this vibration can be summed up in one word: CONFUSING.  That said, it may be useful to consider the degree of Neptune’s retrograde from another angle – with the use of Sabian Symbols (below).

The following sentiment echoes the vibration of the SOLAR ECLIPSE in CANCER just a few days before. And as you’re about to read, suggests that the stationing of Neptune may be a positive influence. More about the possible effects of Neptune station retrograde are discussed above in the context of the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th in the ending paragraphs.

The Sabian symbols are a collection of psychic impressions associated with each degree of the zodiac as described by Elsie Wheeler in the early 1900’s.  She paired with astrologer Marc Edmonds to develop what is known as the Sabian Symbols.  Later on, renowned astrologer Dane Rudhyar further distilled meaning of her somewhat cryptic ‘visions’:

SABIAN SYMBOL associated with Neptune Station:


KEYNOTE: An indication that in the end and at the appointed time the individual's needs will be met among those to whom he is linked by a spiritual (or biological) web of energies.

The significant element in this scene is not only the meal, but the fact that it is an "evening" meal. To use traditional symbolism, after a long chain of personal existences the Soul returns to its spiritual home at the close of the day-of-manifestation. There it finds that which renews and amply sustains; the happiness of the "beyond of existence" is experienced — if all has gone well.

This last symbol of the seventieth five-fold sequence promises a satisfying or fulfilling end to whatever one has been undertaking. As the life closes, the Soul-consciousness finds NOURISHMENT in the harvest of whatever, during the whole life, has been relevant to the archetypal purpose and destiny of the Soul — one of the myriad of aspects of the divine creative word which began the cycle.


VENUS = values, love & hate, wants, needs, desires, beauty, earthly pleasures (sight, smell, sound, touch) & balance.

GEMINI = Air, Independence but also social, subjectivity, information, messages, messenger, mutable (flexible/changeable)

Recall that Venus paused on May 13th and has continued in retrograde motion until now.  As Venus prepares to move forward again she will recover old ground in Gemini.  That is, what we thought we wanted continues to be up for re-evaluation.  BUT what we have already chosen will set the scene for our ‘new reality’.  So as Venus moves forward we are locked-in by our own choosing to continue forward in this direction.  Put another way, our interests, what we want will continue to be diversified yet there are elements that can no longer be easily changed.  Gemini, the sign of the twins and a mutable (changeable) sign if often resistant to travel in one direction so this can be particularly frustrating if we haven’t chosen wisely.

Venus will not enter Cancer until August 7th where we may feel a little better and are so inspired to settle into our new environment, be more at home with decisions that have affected our emotional state.  However, other surrounding planetary influences suggest we won’t be entirely comfortable.  Still, Venus in Cancer does alert us once again to the importance of emotional security.  So chances are, we’ll have plenty shifts of mood.  On the bright side? That is a clear indication we are indeed developing a stronger connection with the emotional workings of our inner world.


JUNE 27th,2020 – MARS in ARIES

ARIES= key phrase ‘I AM’, Identity, Fire, Self-interest, war, warrior spirit, independence, action, initiation, immediacy, impatience, energy, Cardinal (leader, initiator)

MARS = Direct, Physical, Pushy, Active, Forceful, Impulsive, Abrupt, Warrior spirit, Courage.

Mars will be in Aries on June 27th and for the remainder of 2020.  However, on July 26th it will enter its shadow.  To be clear Mars will be in retrograde motion on September 9th returning to the same point it was on July 26th.  That said, moving forward impulsively, with force between now (June 27th to July 26th) can, miraculously work for us. It will depend on how confident we are, how clear we are about what we have managed to accomplish during the first half of 2020, how in touch we are with our being and its connection to the collective. Mars does offer added fuel, a boost in confidence – awakens our courageous warrior spirit.   What is your spirit fighting for exactly?

Remember there are other elements to consider 1) Five planets are in retrograde (slowly treading backwards) and 2) any forward drive we have with Mars is likely to lead us into actions we may easily regret after July 26th.  We are in tricky territory. A burning desire for life to move faster can put us at risk of finding us further out in no man’s land where we are left unprepared in the face of unpredictable (and likely volatile) circumstances later on -- that is during Mars retrograde between September 9th and November 12th.

To reiterate, it is apparent in the key words (description of energies) listed for Aries & Mars that ‘war’ of some kind is likely to ensue.  It is a fight for independence.  Every individual perhaps, waging their own war.  At this point there may be more leaders than followers giving rise to a heated atmosphere – for the rest of the year!!  Again Mars is in Aries until January 2021!

In short, impatience does indeed rule the days ahead with Mars in Aries.  True, courageous spirits, those that have often stood out as natural born leaders will be fueled with an extra dose of confidence to fight for what is right. Unfortunately, those that have less-than-leaderlike qualities are apt to swing their swords haphazardly and in anger.  The latter is a clear sign a war goes on within as the individual battles with what part of themselves will lead.  Again, the importance of clarifying your purpose from a soul-based perspective is a paramount. Do you want to contribute to a better reality for the collective or are you fighting for power and control in your own bubble  - one that seeks to disconnect from the wholeness of reality?

That said, all fire signs, or those with a strong fire influence in their chart (planets in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are likely to be imbued with extra energy- are more charged up than most. Air signs Aquarius & Gemini too, stand to gain added benefit.  They are likely to have ample opportunity to make their mark communicating ideas and sharing information.  Aquarius is likely to lean more on the side of the collective. Gemini is more likely to act impulsively but less discerning about the information they share.

Gemini may have to be careful in the accuracy of information shared and be aware of how that feeds the flames of ongoing debates.  President Trump is a Gemini so his words can easily incite action.  His rising sign is also Leo (the pride filled lion).  We have already seen how that works.  This second half of 2020 we are likely to see the immediate consequences of these extreme behaviors.  Indeed, while Mars is in Aries (again from June 27th right up until early January 2021) the ripple effects of Trump’s words can be even more dangerous.  It is interesting to note that 1988 was last time Mars was retrograde in Aries. Donald Trump had a terrible year. Here is an article by Politico at that time titled  ‘the year Trump lost his mind’.  Apparently he made a slew of manic business deals that nearly brought him down.


JUNE 30th, 2020 – JUPITER RX Conjunct PLUTO RX

JUPITER= expansion, abundance, money/luck, overdoing, belief systems, higher perspectives, understanding beyond current limits, religion.

PLUTO = death/rebirth, transformation, money, power, extremes, obsession, core truths, fear, paranoia.

CAPRICORN = government systems, traditions, power, money, leaders, the top rung of social world accomplishments, Cardinal (leader, initiator)

Once again Jupiter and Pluto join forces.  The last time was on April 4th – when they were both operating full force in direct motion.  This time their influence will be somewhat subdued as they are both in retrograde motion.  They meet on the same degree as April 4th – 24° Capricorn.

The Sabian symbols (insights into specific degrees of the zodiac) have been unusually relevant providing a deeper insight into many astrological happenings under COVID-19.  It is interesting to note that these symbols were described by Elsie Wheeler in 1925 – 7 years after the Spanish Flu.  Having lived through the crisis and watching it unfold may have influenced her visions.

 SABIAN SYMBOL associated with Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction:


KEYNOTE: Total commitment to a transcendent goal.

A convent is a place made available by a community which believes in the possibility of reaching a world-transcending state of consciousness. It is made available to individuals who may be variously motivated. To some it is an escape from the intolerable pressures of family and society; to others it represents the possibility of pursuing in peace a spiritual ideal to which the whole being aspires and is totally dedicated. The important point, in this phase of the cyclic process, is that the existence of a convent expresses another aspect of the relationship between the society (its religion and culture) and the individual. In the preceding symbol society rewarded the individual for a noble performance in its service; here society accepts the fact that beyond its daily normal patterns of behavior and commitments, another way of life exists which, in a higher sense, also has social value. In the old Hindu society dominated by a rigid caste system, the ideal embodied in the sannyasi — the wandering holy man or yogi meditating in a forest or a cave, who had entirely given up all that caste implied — was seen to be the very culmination of the social process.

In this fourth stage symbol we see the paradoxical nature of the social process operating more strongly than ever. This derives from the fact that man's nature contains in seed the possibility of overcoming and transcending itself in acts of complete denials and of surrender to a "higher" Law or quality of being. All spiritual techniques are indeed paradoxical. Rigid discipline conditions pure inner freedom. The final goal is the attainment of TRANSCENDENT SECURITY.

Collectively, then the Jupiter & Pluto conjunction seems to evoke a major change in how we perceive the world.  An extreme (Pluto) expansion (Jupiter) of knowledge, understanding (also Jupiter) that continues this process of death/rebirth of our systems/government especially on the economic front.  Our perspective on money and the powers that be is changing significantly as can be attested to in the first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on April 4th and will continue – peaking in intensity for a third time on November 12th, 2020.

As Mars will have entered the zone of warrior Aries economic unsettlement is likely where we will see people/individuals at war with larger governing bodies.  The need for more control, power over our lives as individuals will also be strong at this time and for the rest of 2020. 

Remember Venus is in Gemini when this takes place. And so there are plenty of possibilities, more than a few things we will want as individuals. Yet the staying power to fight for fewer things with greater force as a collective isn’t likely. However, later on, the desire to work together for the needs of family, loved ones, emotional security comes about while Venus tours Cancer between August 7th and September 6th.  We’ll have a better chance at working to change the system at that point – or at least be better able to focus the direction of our efforts. It will come with the feeling we are running out of steam though as Mars will be slowing down to station retrograde on September 9th.   With less energy, less of a fighting spirit at our disposal it becomes all too obvious that to make progress we must 1. choose our battles wisely AND 2) amass like-minded people to operate as one united force towards fewer goals. 

I’ve tried to keep sections of this COVID-19 series short but it clearly isn’t working… So

PART II – COVID-19 effects for the month of JULY & AUGUST will be continued over the coming weeks with an aim to be at least a month ahead.