Covid-19 & Astrology

PART I Covid-19

an astrological perspective 

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We all knew the world was on the brink of major change.  Most, if not all astrologers described the breakdown of our systems, structural aspects we live by.  Perhaps the language used by astrologer’s, spiritualist’s, scientist’s, anyone engaged in the study of life was not strong enough. Those not engaged in the fields of life have been disproportionally focused on human made constructs – the economy, politics etc. Clearly, those systems are in the midst of catastrophic upheaval as with the realities based heavily on those constructs.

In general doom and gloom predictions that hold true to basic, and I do mean basic, interpretations of planetary activity, have arguably put most astrologers in a precarious position.   There is always the risk of overemphasizing or underplaying what’s happening in the cosmic landscape.  Hyperbole, the hype around Full Moons are case and point.   Sometimes nothing seems to happen – at least nothing we immediately recognize as ‘something’.  And yet we all change, our lives change, virtually everything changes incrementally from moment to moment.  Sometimes we notice and sometimes we do not. It depends how aware we are, how conscious. Typically, we can only see what we are able to manageably accept on some level. That is, until we have no choice but to pay closer attention to the rhythms of life. It can then be painfully obvious how out of sync we are with natural, cosmic patterns far greater than the man-made-machine we have locked ourselves into mind, body and soul.

From an astrological perspective how we arrived ‘here’ has been expressed with various interpretations, all of which share a common theme. Before discussing where we are NOW with Corona then, it’s useful to look back.  I will get to the point quickly using more astrological jargon than usual to lay out the basic energy patterns birthing this ‘new world’ as old realities crash above our heads.

My intention is to simplify the basic arrangement of ‘energies’ before, now and into the near future.  It is purposefully written in a manner that can, hopefully, allow for improved understanding and increased moments of contemplation.  It is also written to lessen the temptation of labelling these energies as positive or negative.  When we do our ability to ‘see’ and so accept what is plainly in the moment is often crippled – a well-known understanding of ancient sages, modern mystics, spiritualists AND scientists.

How these energies manifest in the future is wholly up to us.  They cannot be ignored. Nor will they will disappear -energy merely changes form.  And so, the state of our being will contribute to how the ever-changing patterns of life unfold.  We are either working with these vibrations, encouraging the process of transformation, or we are stubbornly gripping to old realities in resistance.  Neither path is particularly easy.  However, the act of resisting changes of this magnitude will be more painful–as if we are caught in a gust of wind that sweeps us along kicking and screaming to no avail.  We have been propelled by the winds of change with every seemingly insignificant energy shift. In a way, we have moved forward yet it seems we have being doing so blindly.  It is clear we have not been fully conscious and so here we stand. Awake. Alive. And many striving to simply be.

In short, words, thoughts, behaviors ARE energy. We are patterns of energy. We are literally the embodiment of change as individuals and as a collective. That is, along with every other ‘thing’ living or non-living, on the planet and in the universe both apparently known and unknown

BEFORE Covid-19…

PLUTO = death/rebirth, transformation, power, extremes, obsession, core truths, fear, paranoia.

SATURN =structure, law, limits, restriction, earth, material world, time, responsibility, authority, respect

JUPITER= expansion, overdoing, belief systems, higher perspectives, understanding beyond current limits, religion.

CAPRICORN = government systems, traditions, power, money, leaders, the top rung of social world, accomplishments

During 2019 Pluto and Saturn inched closer and closer together in Capricorn creating a build-up of tension. Jupiter has expanded Pluto & Saturn’s force of influence requiring us to push our limits of understanding, to transform our beliefs.

As a unified force any Saturnian structure not built in accordance with solid natural laws, irresponsible behaviors, leaders etc. would not survive next to the intense transformative powers of Pluto. Thus, provoking the death/rebirth of traditional systems and ways of being in the earth-bound world.

Pluto and Saturn joined forces in January 2020.  Covid-19 was first announced as a major threat by the Center for Disease Control in January 2020.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will remain until 2023. Its function is to utterly transform. We are in the more painful stages of a process that began in 2008.  It will take 3 more years to complete the overhaul of our ‘man-made-machine’ with many deaths (metaphorically & literally) provoking inevitable rebirths

In 2018…

URANUS= shock, unexpected, fast track progress, technology, disruption of stagnant energies, lack of control, rebellion, also known as the ‘great awakener’.

TAURUS = value system, money, earnings, the stock market, earth, nature, earthquakes

Uranus settled into Taurus in 2018. The stock market has suffered wild swings. The earth has suffered wild swings.  Disturbances of the natural world were amplified as Jupiter aligned with Uranus in January inspiring fast motion change.

Uranus will remain in Taurus until 2026. Quick-response innovations, progress in the economy and our approach to the natural world will be required.  Attempts to maintain stability, what we still recognize as the status quo will not work. The energy of Uranus does not work that way.  Stagnant energies that block evolutionary processes is where Uranus is likely to cause the most disruption.

CORONA effects as of LATE MARCH, 2020…

AQUARIUS = Air, society, communication, networks, technology, humanity, community

SATURN = =structure, law, limits, restriction, earth, material world, time, responsibility, authority, respect

MARCH 22nd, 2020…

Saturn, as of MARCH 22, 2020 has moved into Aquarius.  It will remain here for three months.  Societal limits and restrictions are likely to loosen in July 2020.

BUT Saturn will return to Aquarius in early December 2020 and remain until 2023.  We could very well see these same restrictions back in place.  At very least new laws and restrictions will be implemented for several years - a direct result from what is occurring now.

Essentially, during this three-month period, the first foundational aspects of our reconstruction will be underway.  Pluto is/was the agent of ‘death’. Saturn reconstructs – always building slowly, cautiously and like Pluto strives for complete control and authority.  We can see that happening now as governments scramble to dominate the scene.

MARCH 30th, 2020…

MARS – Direct, Physical, Pushy, Active, Forceful, Aggressive, Impulsive, Abrupt, Warrior spirit, Courage

AQUARIUS = Air, communication, technology, networks, humanity, society, community

There is conflict about working together.  Mars pushes forward to take action yet we are at risk of acting impulsively, abruptly and in interest of ego drives instead of a unified collective.  The energy will play out aggressively until Mars’ energy can adapt under the influence of Aquarius which holds community in higher regard than the individual self or even specific groups.


Covid-19 effects onward…

As Saturn rebuilds in Aquarius it is possible we enter a period of martial law – not a far stretch under our current understanding.  Wise, thoughtful considerations about the ‘rebuild’ can also lead to vast improvements and humanitarian efforts – also not a far stretch.

Whatever the case, Saturn is not in the business of shirking responsibility on any level – under Aquarius’ influence the function of Saturn will focus on social world matters, communications, technology etc.

At the same time Saturn continues to bring us back to the basic structures of natural and universal laws.  It is ‘their’ rule, obeyed and respected, that can work to put us back in sync, in harmony with life on every level as one dynamic ‘system’. That can easily be read into as a one world ‘government’.

Association to the word government itself is liable to change as our association with old realities dissolve over the next few years. Humans do not rule alone.  We never have.  Our illusionary constructs have worked to separate our reality from BASIC patterns of natural universal law – a stronger and more sustainable system in its own right.

APRIL 4th, 2020

JUPITER= expansion, overdoing, belief systems, higher perspectives, understanding beyond current limits, religion.

PLUTO = death/rebirth, transformation, power, extremes, obsession, core truths, fear, paranoia.

On APRIL 4th JUPITER will join with PLUTO– mighty big truths will come out adding to the transformative effects of Pluto about how our world is structured and who actually holds the power.  Pluto is associated with paranoia.  Next to expansive Jupiter? You got it…we’ll see an upsurge of paranoia and rightly so.  It probably won’t be due to poor judgement.  Needless to say, fear (another hallmark of Plutonian energy) can overwhelm the best of us.

Remember Jupiter does work to expand our understanding.  Council from the spiritual perspective has always encouraged facing our darkest depths, facing life with complete acceptance to pass the gateway into a higher state of consciousness. Raising our consciousness is a monumental leap in understanding.  And so, Jupiter is the guiding light in this earth-centered upheaval.  However, paired with Pluto, Jupiter also accelerates the transformation of our mis-understandings of which there are many.

Disillusionment on this scale can have a devastating effect on our sense of reality.  And so the gaps in our understanding are likely to result in a massive collective head spin.  Jupiter and Pluto are together in Capricorn suggesting this dizzy spell will revolve around knowledge revealed by government systems, large corporations, and where powers that be reside, globally.

Another possible manifestation? Advancements in our knowledge base under this degree of intensity can further work being done to find brilliant solutions in how we deal with Covid-19.

Whatever the case it will be extreme and beyond our current scope of perception.

 Sidenote: A client asked me why Sagittarians aren’t worried about the end of the world.  They are led, in a way, by Jupiter – the planet of understanding, THE guiding light in all cases whether it is perceived as welcome or not, good or bad.  Of course, every Sagittarian maintains their own unique intricate energy patterns involving much more than the sun’s placement at birth. They too are capable of flowing with or against harmonic patterns of nature.

APRIL 25TH & 26TH, 2020

April 25th PLUTO RETROGRADE- Pluto the agent of transformation moves to a standstill. We are held in place mentally, emotionally, physically.  This can provide relief for some.  Others may feel frozen in their situation.  Pluto always moves slowly.  It is possible we cannot perceive either of these effects consciously.  It takes time for Pluto’s influence to be understood – years. Recall, the beginning of Pluto’s power to transform our systems under Capricorn was in 2008.  Our economic structures were crisis.  We haven’t seen the end of Pluto’s effects.  We will not until Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023- a matter to be discussed at another time.

April 26th URANUS & THE SUN – The Sun is our will, our heart, it is what inspires us to live.  Uranus brings fast progress, new technology, disrupts stagnant states.  This date marks a turning point that will either stun us as if being struck by lightning or create a blast of inspiration.  Our hearts will beat faster in either case.

It has been stated by scientists that according to pandemic research Covid-19 cases are expected to reach a peak in April.  They cannot be certain as this is a new virus and it may not follow the same trend as other novel viruses discovered in the past.  The astrology also supports their theory.

MAY 2020

VENUS– values, love & hate, wants, needs, desires, beauty, earthly pleasures (sight, smell, sound, touch) & balance.

GEMINI – Air, Independence but also social, subjectivity, information, messages, messenger

URANUS= shock, unexpected, fast track progress, technology, disruption of stagnant energies, lack of control, rebellion, also known as the ‘great awakener’.

Venus shares the qualities of Uranus while it remains in Taurus until 2026. Our values are subject to immense change. What we want, need, desire will be different.  It will be with a more progressive outlook, with the beauty of nature in mind. Yet, we are likely to rebel against letting go of our independence unable to give up what we subjectively define as valuable.

While in Gemini Venus is less likely to take responsibility for the collective.  You can see the conflict between these energies.  What we want, desire will be at odds with what is needed collectively.  Gemini, although one of the more social signs is also the most independent.  Following the rules is not likely with Venus in Gemini.  This is exacerbated by Venus’ resonance with Uranus, an energy that is largely against order.


The disorder these energies can cause together will likely result in a need to re-examine what we really need and what we really want at a deeper level.  Not everyone will be able to do this much less act to those ends easily.

However, when Venus retrogrades on MAY 13th the necessity of choosing wisely will be made clear.  This message can take until AUGUST 7th to be fully accepted.  At that point Venus will have moved into Cancer the sign of home and family and care.


Covid-19 Effects…MAY continued & JUNE OUTLOOK 

Part II has been posted

 Below is a short list of resources that I will add to, and astrology articles written before corona appeared. Your January 2020 forecast will also give more information about how Saturn & Pluto can influence your life this year.


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